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Flash Animations

We create modules and presentations using Flash, which makes things much simpler and comprehensible. The following are our services that use Flash animation.

Flash Introduction

As the saying goes, the first impression is the best impression. Maybe the old saying needs a slight correction. We at Impressions believe that the first impression may not always be the best impression, but it is definitely the lasting impression! People remember what they see in the beginning and so the introduction of your website needs to be worth remembering. We create Flash introduction for websites that run for a specified number of seconds. We make them as creative and simple as possible so that they are easily comprehensible. Well, for people who are impatient, we do provide the ‘skip intro’ option.

We create not only Flash introductions for websites but also other flash presentations in general, be it for academic, entertainment or any other purpose.

Multimedia Presentation

By multimedia, we do not mean multiple messages. We use a combination of several media such as text, audio, video, animation and graphics to convey one message or idea to the target audience. That is what makes things more interesting and worth paying attention to. At Impressions, we create multimedia presentations that fulfill various purposes. We make CD-ROM presentations, product presentations that are interactive or non- interactive, depending on the requirements of the clients and the nature of the audience.

So far, we have catered to the needs of software, real estate, matrimonial and dating sites. We have also offered services to companies based on apparel and medical industries. Our thirst for serving more businesses will never end. We hope next on our list would be you!
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