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With the advent of the internet, the launch of an array of websites is as frequent as the blink of an eye! Any person who has even the slightest acquaintance with the internet will realize that almost all the sites follow a similar pattern that takes it to the point of monotony. We, at Impressions, make sure that websites designed by us break the clutter and stand out significantly and rather impressively. To achieve that, we provide the following services under the category ‘web design’.

Static Web Design

Static websites are meant to serve a passive audience. There is very less or no interaction with the users. If all that your business requires is providing information to the visitors, a static website may be the right option for you. For instance if you own a school and want to inform your staff and students of some important matters, or showcase the credits of your school and so on, a static website would well serve your purpose. They are simple and good enough to begin with and easily fit into your budget. Though the visitors cannot control the content of a static website, we at Impressions do our best to fulfill your basic objectives.

Dynamic Web design

A dynamic website makes sure that there is immediate feedback and a lot of interaction and active participation from the users. For instance, to shop online, the customer needs to fill forms, answer questions and so on. He/she is actually communicating with a lifeless device. Here comes our job – we give life to it, through attractive and meaningful designing!

Thus a dynamic website has more chances of making the visitors of your website your clients. Who would not want to be part of a great website with attractive and engaging designs, animated objects, scrolling text and much more! The objective is to gain automation and prospective customers – Impressions assists you in doing just that!

Whether the website is static or dynamic depends on the nature of the business. Static websites work best when their purpose is just to inform the audience. Whereas dynamic websites work best if the purpose is to involve them. At Impressions, we design both and our sheer passion for designing makes it all the more eventful and enjoyable!
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