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Website Maintenance

Maintenance of websites is as important as creating them – in fact more important and challenging. When your website grows and the number of visitors increases, so does the need to maintain and update it. The more the traffic, the heavier the maintenance should be. At Impressions, we deliver impeccable maintenance services that the users will perhaps find it hard to tear their eyes off your site!

So why should you maintain your website?

  • To keep the content fresh and engaging
  • To increase the number of visitors
  • To make your website SEO friendly
  • To enable the users to find what they want easily
  • To protect your site from dangers such as broken or lost links, hacking etc.
These are some of the myriad of reasons as to why web maintenance is necessary. At Impressions we ensure that your website is kept up to date and protected from dangers such as those mentioned above and much more. Our web maintenance services include the following among many others.

Image Manipulation

The Images on your website can be changed or manipulated according to your requirements. Regular image manipulation is a good way to make your visitors believe that that there are constant changes being made on your site – for a picture is one of the first things that catches the eye!

Monitoring the website

In short, we perform the ‘watchdog function’! We watch out for anything that might pose a threat to the website and immediately take the required measures to eliminate the threat and protect your site. With the various enhancements in technology and telecommunication grows the means to ruin it. So it is mandatory to keep a wary eye on your site and Impressions does it for you – perhaps we have the wariest of eyes!

Managing Your Website

When your website grows, when the traffic increases and when a number of people visit your site, you would probably be on the top of the world! But isn’t there a small part at the back of your head that is worried about managing all this traffic? Well, you can say goodbye to this nagging thought now that you have come to us! At Impressions, we do an efficient job of keeping track of the goings-on on the site, update it regularly and check the links etc. There would absolutely be no need to worry about maintaining your site while Impressions is at it!

These are some of the various Web Maintenance services that we provide. Others include restructuring content so that it does not go stale, addition and removal of web pages and so on. You can now breathe a sigh of relief for you have come to the right place!
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